“ODE Campagnes de France”, ethical and poetic scented candles, made in France.

“ODE, Campagnes de France”, is a new brand of ethical and poetic scented candles.
They are a declaration to nature, a poem in which scents replace words, offering the opportunity for a journey of the senses to the heart of the most emblematic corners of France!

Each candle is designed according to the rules of the art by French craftsmen.
The fully eco-responsible approach places the preservation of nature at the heart of our concerns.

Vegetable wax without GMOs or pesticides, natural cotton wicks and recyclable glasses are the promise of a unique product that respects the environment.

The perfumes, 100% vegan, from the city of Grasse, are guaranteed without CMR (without carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic components).

Each of the “ODE, Campagne de France” candles is sold with seeded paper, to be planted underground, it will offer wild flowers or herbs.