360º Communication and Strategy

360º Communication and Strategy
Image Services
By the creation of visual content we create the Brand Identity and Brand Image.
We offer a tailor made consulting service about branding and rebranding.
ITHAKI manages and coordinates the image of the company with a service of Creative Direction and the Management.
We offers the production of visual content for online and off line platforms, collaborating with a team of professionals: stylists, photographers, video makers, art directors, creatives, chosen according to the needs of the brand.
We propose and take care about the image of our clients by the realisation of adv campaign, editorials, look book, social media and web site content.

Partnerships & Digital Events

We foster engagement through creative formats, from podcasts to DIGITAL events of great impact (off-beat interviews , festivals, V-Commerce, etc…)
Recommending ambassadors — via Key Opinion Leaders partnerships (KOL) to generate a tangible return on investment (ROI)

Press Consulting

Communication strategies with a tailor made approach. 

Making  and distributing the press releases and all writing content of the clients, for on-line and off-line platforms.

Brand Promotion and Product Placement with the selection of local and international platforms and press.

Curating the launch to the press of brand presentations, events, special projects, as well as manage, realise and supervise.

Market & Position

Based on a solid market study we define your market segment.

We analyze the trends and current behaviors to (re)define your target, your right positioning and pricing.

Brand Territory

A solid branding generates value and emotions. Storytelling, logos and graphic charts are malleable.

In 2020’s, customers want more than a brand. They desire stories to carry. They want to be your values ambassadors.

Social Media Strategy & Art Direction

We provide the matching art direction according to your ideal customer.
Playing on the current visual aesthetics, we aim to generate engagement through a creative twist — keeping in mind your marketing objective.


We take your brand to the next level!