Pret-a-Porter high range to the constant search of new formal solutions, miscellaneous and with strong expressive character, Plus Que Ma Vie was born in Milan in 2014. With the aim of creating a new collective imagination and a unique style, summarizes, in an exclusive essence, characters of minimalism, concept design and high end streetwear.
Plus Que Ma Vie moves to renew the stereotype of Menswear classic, varying shapes and sizes, looking for a new elegance without posing any expressive limits. The idea that encloses the entity of the Brand is to propose a product that best represents progress and futurity, without neglecting the formalism and sartorial elegance of classic apparel.
Careful choice has been made on the fabrics that mix technic luxury fabrics and italian masterpiece textile. The purpose of PQMV is to use textiles formally classic in contexts different from each other, altering their functionality and creating a new trend dimension.
To feed this high contrast between formal and experimental, there is a strong research in the world of technical textiles used with fabrics of high tailoring.

PQMV showed its collections during the most important worlwide fashion weeks, moving from being the guest at Pitti Immagine Uomo to the most important fashionable countries. Actually, the brand works with more over 40 worldwide stores, based in Italy but developing in Russia, Asia & Usa.